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Keyboard and Mouse

My Projects

Virtual Personal Assistant: BUDDI

Created a well supported Artifically intelligent Personal assistant using python. This voiceassistant interacts with human to perform basic tasks.
Technologies: Python, pyttx3, Speech Recognition.

Team Leader in ROJGAR

We created an Android application, which end up being selected for the Grand Finale of Smart
India Hackathon 2020. I personally designed several ML models for the recommendation of
items (jobs) in our application.I worked with the development of our application.
Technologies: Android,Java, Restricted Boltzman Machine, Matrix Factorization, Collaborative
Filtering, Python, Firebase, REST API, Flask.
Responsiblities: Leader, Developer, ML Coder, and Presenter for our team.
Connected with various Experts of financial market and platform.


We participated in the competition, where my team joined a three day training in aurdino and
constructing our own SoccerBot. I personally developed the program in Aurdino and helped my
team to build the robot from scratch.
Technologies: Programing and hardware (Aurdino).

ITM Library Application

This project is an android application for the ITM University Gwalior with a very smart ML
Recommendation model, which uses neural network and deep learning.
Technologies: Android, Java, Python, Tensorflow.

Team Leader in First Love Yourself

Participated in Techathon (Hackathon)We created an Android and Web application for reducing
metal stress for our users. I personally worked in building the android application. I also closely
handled my team in end to end web development.
Technologies: Android, Java, Firebase.

SpeechToText ML Model

Speech recognition interface model built from scratch that understands simple spoken commands.

Technologies: Scipy, Sklearn, CNN, NLP, keras, Python, Tensorflow, Kaggle.

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